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Credit/Debit Cards Production and Personalization (EMV/Non EMV)
Electronic Vehicle Registration Card/ Driver’s Licence card
Medical Card/ Healthcare Card
RFID Cards (HF/LF)
Scratch Cards Personalization
SIM Cards Personalization
Scratch Cards Personalization
  • We are in the business of manufacturing paper based personalized scratch cards for the mobile telecommunication companies.

  • For card personalization, we are using state of the art personalization machine of world famous brands.

  • Data loading with forced four-eye principle and by braking 8 digit passwords by each of the two.

  • Personalized cards are wrapped in secure sealed card wrapping machine from Germany.

  • Wrapping ISO cards and same sized / fold booklets.

  • This machine can do both single pack or linked packs called flow wrapping with Z folding.

  • As maintaining security is our main concern, Silkcard has chosen the machine with security version which has a special embossed blade creates a security seal with a pattern (Riffle Cut) that is very difficult to counterfeit.

  • Perfect braking line perforation.

  • CCTV monitors the entire operation.

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